The magic of indigo in an urban atmosphere

A chaotic microcosm that is grotesque and where the lives of an individual become crowded and get lost from city to city, along an itinerary that ironically evokes a magical and at times surreal world.

The “denim” identity is always present, but is proposed through a mix of contaminations and different styles that generate a contemporary and urban product that makes layering its ace. The predominant note of the collection is indago, but it is enriched with details and new fibers, such as silver metallic and hemp. The traditional open-end twines and broken twill are renewed with the washes, acquiring more delicate and refined shades, while the dark tones are emphasized in the patterns. The distressed soul that is always a plus in the brand, is proposed through a minimal chic interpretation that does not deny but rather exalts the destroyed effect.

The Two Women and Two Men collection is then expanded in the proposal: not only denim pants and shirts, but an actual wardrobe created for a multi-layered outfit. For example, this is where a very light jacquard double indago denim and printed flowered viscose in the maxi dresses for her is used. The spin dyed tartan enriches the collections for men as well as women, while the wools with a tailoring aspect such a hound’s tooth cloth, the embroidered velour and the Prince of Wales are made less dramatic by striped wool corduroy for those outfits with a sporty effect. The key role of this season is surely velvet that comes back on the scene with rocky corduroy for the bottom garments as well as for coats, lined with a warm eco-fur. Instead Real leather and sheepskin are used for jackets and in particular for the patches, thereby renewing the styling of the traditional 5 pockets.



Photographer: Anna Breda

Stylist: Paola De Cegli

Art Director: Heero – Creative Projects

Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist: Veronica Ramses

Project manager: Nike Giurlani

Date: May 23rd, 2018

Location: nhow Milano, via Tortona


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