Pants Slim

Denim or cotton 5-pocket men’s pants are a must-have in every wardrobe. Clean lines and authentic style make them a perfect fit for all outfits.

Pants Regular

Fashion / man / regular If you know the really history of denim, you have to try the five pocket regular jeans by 2W2M

Pants Tasconato

It is a cotton trousers which is characterized by pockets on the sides and chino pockets. Outfits perfect for urban street.

Pants Slouchy Cropped

Jeans in denim or cotton pants in slouchy cropped fit is a contemporary model of 5 pockets jeans.

Pants Chino

The slim chino is characterized by close and stylish fitting for a trendy effect.

Total look Bermuda

Perfect for summer season, shorts and bermuda in denim and cotton are cool and comfortable and an indispensable garment of every man’s wardrobe.

Total look Shirts

The denim shirt is presented in a soft and slim fit. Perfect for a rock outfit in mood 80’s.

Total look Coats

Both the men’s jeans shirt and jacket in authentic denim men’s jeans are a key piece for all seasons. Ideal for a rock look, they are perfect for an eighties-nineties revival mood.

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